Hydration and Nutrition

Nutrition Advise - Fuelling Success

Trailblazer Nutrition’s guide to the BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge nutrition.

Whether your goal is to finish, get a new personal best, or win, the food you eat will impact on your success.

This article will explain some basic strategies that you can implement to fuel training, maximise your enjoyment of the event, and give you the satisfaction of achieving your goals.

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Avoid illness – eat healthy

  • Ensure you meet your increased nutrition needs during training through a high quality everyday diet – protein, carbs, fats and veggies at each meal. Snack on nutritious foods rather than ‘empty calories’. You can’t train when you’re sick!

Optimise training, maximise fitness gains

  • The more carbohydrates you have during exercise, the better you perform. Get the most out of training by consuming 60-90g of carbohydrates per hour. Use a carbohydrate containing sports drink, gels, or whole foods. Practise this during training so you can tolerate more carbohydrates on event day, and develop and practise your event day fuel plan.

Hydration matters

  • Develop a personalised hydration plan based on listening to your body (drink to thirst), and noting what works well during training. Everyone is different, but you should expect to drink at least 600mls per hour. You must also ensure you have a game plan for event day - how many bottles on your bike? Will you need to refill at aid stations? Exactly what you will drink and have you trialled it in training (e.g. water vs sports drink)?

Refuel your engine  

  • Recovery is the time when your body actually gets fitter. Consuming the right amount of carbs, protein and fluid after exercise will allow the hard work you put in during training to be converted to fitness improvements. Carbohydrates replenish your fuel tank, protein helps your muscles remodel, and veggies keep everything ticking.

Event day is not a trial

  • Event day nutrition is an extension of training: don’t try anything on event day you haven’t trialled in training.
  • Know your nutrition and hydration plan in advance. Practise and learn what works, and then plan exactly what food, gels and drinks you will take.

Get the Guide

I can’t do your training for you, but I can help plan your nutrition. Check out the BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Nutrition Guide I have created to make your life easier.

If you have any nutrition issues get in touch with our dietitian Tom Shand  or check out our website for further details.

Nutrition and Training - 1 week snapshot

Event partners Venturo Coaching, Trailblazer Nutrition, nuun and CLIF have developed a one week training snapshot which includes suggestions on riding regime, nutrition advice along with nutrition and electrolyte intake recommendations.


Official Electrolyte Drink - Nuun Hydration

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You sweat - nuun replenishes

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CLIF Bars are ideal when your body has high energy demands. With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fibre, CLIF Bars supply working bodies with the extra energy and nutrients they need for extended periods of activity.

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