Thanks to our Training and Coaching Partner, Ventouro, we are pleased to provide the below complimentary training programmes to help you in the lead up to the BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.

Ventouro is owned by Tim Gudsell. Tim has a sporting background of the highest level being a double Olympian and professional cyclist spanning over a 10 year career.

Training Programmes

Training and Nutrition - 1 week snapshot

Event partners Venturo Coaching, Trailblazer Nutrition, nuun and CLIF have developed a one week training snapshot which includes suggestions on riding regime, nutrition advice along with nutrition and electrolyte intake recommendations.



99 Bikes Round The Lake training programme  Download

Half The Lake training programme  Download

Quarter Lake training programme  Download

Enduro training programme  Download

BDO Huka Challenge training programme  Download

BDO Huka Streamer training programme  Download

BDO Huka Teaser training programme  Download

Conquering the BDO Huka Challenge under the Five and a Half Hour mark. Download

Cycle Training Principles

Some important things to remember are:


Increase your cycle training progressively and follow the basic guidelines of our training programme.


You should be aiming for at least 3 training rides a week.


Make sure you include some hills in your training rides so you are prepared for the hills on event day.

Starting Off

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a bike, just start slowly! Go around the block a few times, using your gears and ride within your limits. Start with a few hundred metres and progressively increase to a few kilometres. Avoid wet weather until you feel a bit more confident (but always carry a jacket, just in case!)

Bike & Clothing

Any well-maintained bike will do – choosing a bike is like choosing a pair of shoes, it has to be fitted! You will need to get your seat and handlebars adjusted to your size and shape – this will make cycle training much more comfortable.

You don’t need any specific clothing to take part – the most important thing is to be warm and comfortable. Obviously helmets are compulsory and we strongly recommend a high-visibility vest at all times. You should also consider padded bike shorts, a cycling jersey and a light windproof and waterproof jacket (especially for cold, wet conditions). A polyprop undergarment is recommended on cooler days. And sunglasses are great for blocking out the UV rays and protecting your eyes from insects and wind.

Bike Taupo Road Cycle Routes

Your Bike

You must ensure your bike is roadworthy& safe. Make sure you have it checked & serviced before you come to Taupo.
All 99 Bikes stores offer a free bike check to event entrants.

Visit website to find your local store