Bike Barn Round The Lake


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30th Nov

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Take on the most popular event of the BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, the 160km 'Bike Barn Round the Lake' 1 lap circumnavigation of Lake Taupo.

The course starts and finishes on Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre and heads in an anti-clockwise direction around Lake Taupo, which is 357 metres above sea level. The highest point on the course is at 650 metres.

The event caters for riders of all abilities and no special equipment is required, just a helmet, a safe bike and the determination to finish!

We have made the decision that the minimum age for a child with an accompanying adult (1:1) is 12 years old. This decision has been made not only for the safety of your child but also our other participants and in keeping with the NZ Road Code. To ride the event alone the child must be 15 or over. For more information please see out FAQs Age Restrictions.


Start Time 7am
Start Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Finish Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Registration Friday from 10am till 10pm and Saturday from 6am till 8am in the Registration marquee next to the Great Lake Centre.

Prize Giving

Course Profile


As a safety measure, the start of the Bike Barn Round the Lake ride is split into different starting groups. Each group is started in waves with several minutes between each wave to allow riders to spread out.

You are asked to choose a start group based on the time you estimate it will take you to complete the ride. Times are recorded electronically by the timing tag as you cross the start and finish lines so no group will be disadvantaged. For everybody’s safety please select your start group realistically and carefully. Do not confuse ambition with ability!

Start group 1 is only for those who have a previous best time of under 4:30 hrs or equal performance in a similar event.

Start group 9 is only for those who anticipate they will take longer than 8:30 hours. These riders have a 6am start. Any Start Group 9 riders arriving at Tihoi earlier than 8.30 will be held until after 8.30 to allow the faster riders through before proceeding.

We also offer two ‘women only’ start groups. This does not preclude women from selecting any other start groups.

All eBikes must start in Start Group 6



One bike, two riders

Do a one-lap circuit of Lake Taupo, approximately 160 km with 2 riders on a tandem bike – ideal for couples, family members, friends or gym mates.

You will have a dedicated start group.

Management reserves the right to remove riders from the course if it’s apparent they will not complete the event by 7pm or it is deemed the safety of themselves or others could be compromised.

Electric bikes are permitted as part of the event and will be timed separately from the non assisted bikes. We will not be supplying charging stations around the course. Please make sure you tick the appropriate box when completing your online entry. All eBikes must start in Start Group 6.