Half the Lake


Approx 75k


30th Nov

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Please note a change in start point from 2017. This event will now be starting at the Kuratau School.

Ride the second half of the lake starting at the Kuratau School start point and cycling back to Taupo, enjoying spectacular scenery and lake views along the way.

Riders and bikes will be transported down to the Half the Lake start point. The event caters for riders of all abilities and no special equipment is required, just a helmet, a safe bike and the determination to finish!


Start Time From 9:45am   *
Start Line Half the Lake start point, Kuratau School
Finish Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Registration Friday from 10am till 10pm in the Registration marquee next to the Great Lake Centre.
* Riders are set off in small groups once they have collected their bikes.

Prize Giving

Course Profile

Transportation of riders and bikes from Taupo to Half the Lake start point is provided free of charge as part of the Event. It is essential that you only use the provided services. For the safety of all cyclists we need to minimise the number of vehicles on the road. No support, accompanying or drop-off vehicles are necessary or allowed. Riders using such vehicles may be disqualified from the event. If you employ a vehicle for your support it will be sent back.

Bus Loading, Corner of Titiraupenga and Horomatangi Sts

Half the Lake Buses will be leaving Taupo every 20mins. Starting from 8:30am to 10:15am approximately.

No bikes/riders are to be taken to Kuratau by private transport on event day or you will risk disqualification.

Event Village Map

All Half the Lake bikes should be dropped off for loading at the bike loading area on the Tongariro North Domain on Friday between 10am – 10pm. (Note: No Saturday loading as the truck will be leaving in the middle of the night)

Your bikes will be racked and waiting for you at the Half the Lake start. As you arrive by bus, collect your bike, put your drop bag into the designated area and make your way to the start where you will be released by the Start Manager in waves. Your drop bags are able to be collected at the finish in the designated collection point in the Event Village

You should refer to the Event Village Map for these key locations:

  • Bike Loading, Tongariro North Domain
  • Bus Loading, Corner of Titiraupenga and Horomatangi Sts
  • Drop Bag Collection, Event Village

Our bike transporters are colour coded to ensure your bike gets to the correct start point.  The Half the Lake colour is Red. Ensure that your Red bike sticker is attached with the colour clearly visible. There will be security for the bikes overnight. The bike racks are designed for conventional bikes only. If you intend to use an unconventional bike please contact mail@cyclechallenge.com so that we can consider arrangements for its transportation. 

No bikes/riders are to be taken to Kuratau School by private transport on event day or you will risk disqualification.

You are able to drop your bike off directly to the Half the Lake start point in Kuratau School between 12 – 6pm on Friday 23rd November. You are then required to register at the Event Village to receive your rider pack and sticker set. The seat post sticker is to be attached to your bike on Saturday morning before starting.

Management reserves the right to remove riders from the course if it’s apparent they will not complete the event by 7pm or it is deemed the safety of themselves or others could be compromised.

Electric bikes are permitted as part of the event and will be timed separately from the non assisted bikes. We will not be supplying charging stations around the course. Please make sure you tick the appropriate box when completing your online entry.