30th Nov

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Take on Australasia’s largest lake - twice! - in our Enduro ride. Do you have what it takes to complete the 320km course?


Start Time 1:30am Saturday 30th November
Start Line Redoubt Street, Taupo
Finish Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Registration Friday from 10am till 9pm Registration Tent If due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances you have not collected your registration pack by 9:00pm, you will need to collect it at the Enduro start area from 12:45am – 1:00am.

Course Profile


Welcome and congratulations for entering one of the multi lap distances for the 2019 Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.  Completing two or four laps of this spectacular course is an amazing achievement!   

Although the event is timed, our first measure of success is your safe completion of the event.

The following information is designed to help make your challenge safe and enjoyable. Please read before entering the event and contact BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge if you have any questions.


Weather Conditions

Taupo is approximately 370 metres above sea level.  Temperatures can be warm or be as cold as 0 degrees during the event.  Adding the wind chill factor means it can be even colder.  Be prepared for cold conditions by taking appropriate clothing such as thermals and wind and rain barriers.


Food and Water

The only shops on the course are in Tihoi and Turangi.  From 7:00am Saturday there will be numerous aid stations throughout the course offering water and electrolyte drinks.  All other nutritional needs must be supplied by the rider.



All Enduro events will be electronically timed.



The Maxi Enduro (4 lap) is a qualifying ride for entry into the Race Across America.  For more information on qualifying criteria please refer to www.raceacrossamerica.org


Reminder of General Entrant Participation rule #13. 

13.    Disqualification from the Event

13.1. Any entrant who, in the opinion of the organisers, fails to comply with the event terms and conditions may be disqualified from the event. Disqualification will result in the offender’s name being completely removed from the event database, including from the prize draw, and may result in a refusal, by the event organisers, to accept entry to future BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge events. No refund will be granted.

Reminder of General Entrant Participation rule #16.  

16.3  These terms and condititions are binding on entrants relatives, personal representatives, support crew, heirs and successors.


Course Description

The Enduro event complete two full laps of the lake which is approximately 320km using the Poihipi/Marotiri loop. Last year the winning male time was 9 hours 33 minutes. The winning female time was 10 hours 11 minutes.

Note that at the end of lap one, riders must take a specific route through the Taupo town centre (to avoid the large masses of Solo starters on Tongariro St) and will pass a timing beam either at the Caltex or finish line.  All 2 lap Enduro riders will finish at the main finish line on Tongariro St.






Friday 10:00am – 9:00pm


Registration Tent, Tongariro Domain

Saturday 1:00am

Roll call, briefing, gear check

Redoubt Street, Taupo

Saturday 1:30am


Redoubt Street, Taupo

Saturday 9:00pm

Final cut off

Anywhere on the course



Registration for collection of Enduro packs is from 10:00am to 9:00pm on Friday. If due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances you have not collected your registration pack by 9:00pm, you will need to collect it at the Enduro start area from 12:45am – 1:00am.


EVENT SUPPORT (supplied by LTCC)

-          Lead vehicle on lap one to Pohipi Rd /Marotiri Rd intersection

-          Support and Gear (SAG) wagon and bike mechanic first lap only

-          Electronic timing

-          Race communications support for the duration of your event

-          On course safety official during the hours of darkness


Sag Wagon/Tail End Charlie

A SAG wagon is provided for the first lap then full event services will be on course from 6am – 7pm Saturday.  The SAG wagon will lead riders to the corner of Poihipi and Marotiri Road to indicate the turn off point it will wait there until all riders have gone through and will then tail the field until the end of the first lap.


All of the BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Event Terms and Conditions 2019 apply, with the exception of rule 6.1.  In addition, the following rules apply:

  1. All riders must wear the official YELLOW helmet cap – issued by BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

  2. NZ Road Code rules apply. During the hours of darkness all riders must have a strong front white light and 2 rear red lights so they are visible to oncoming and following traffic. One red light must be fitted to the bike and the other on the helmet. We recommend that one or both of the rear lights are set to flashing mode if riding at the back of a bunch or alone. Riders should also have a back-up front light or spare batteries.

    At night all riders must wear high viz, reflective clothing including reflective bands on their ankles so they are clearly visible to oncoming and following traffic.Lights and clothing will be checked by the organisers on the start line prior to the start. Riders who do not have lights and clothing as specified as above will not be allowed to start. A marshal will be on the course at night to ensure that riders are clearly visible to oncoming and following traffic. The marshal is authorised to remove any rider from the course who is not clearly visible. Riders who do not have lights and clothing as specified as above will NOT start.

  3. There will be a cut off at 9:00 pm anywhere on the course. Riders not finished by 9:00pm Saturday night may be removed from the course.

  4. Support vehicles are allowed on course between for lap one only on Saturday morning.

  5. No support vehicles are to be on the course (associated with their rider) for lap two.

  6. It is a police and event requirement that Support vehicles must not follow directly behind their rider.  Drivers must leap frog their rider and drive to the next available area where the vehicle can pull off the road completely and cause no hazard to other road users.  Support vehicle driver behaviour will be monitored.

  7. If you pull out of the event for any reason you MUST notify race communications on 0210541864

BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge look forward to hosting an Enduro and Cadence Breakfast at 9am Sunday 1 December at the Lake Taupo Yacht Club. Tickets for this must be bought through our online shop. A minimum number is required by 31 October so please book early.

The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is pleased to welcome Audax Riders to the Enduro. Riders using the Cycle Challenge as training for Audax events please refer to Kiwi Randonneurs