BDO Huka Teaser




30th Nov

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The BDO Huka Teaser is an approximate 31km mountain bike ride which takes in the picturesque trails along the Waikato River. This mountain bike ride is designed as an alternative to the BDO Huka Challenge and Steamer if you don’t want to take on a full 82km or 60km course. The BDO Huka Teaser takes in all the best scenic tracks of the BDO Huka Challenge…but is still no walk in the park!

We have made the decision that the minimum age for a child with an accompanying adult (1:1) is 10 years old for the BDO Huka Teaser. This decision has been made not only for the safety of your child but also our other participants and in keeping with the NZ Road Code. To ride the event alone the child must be 12 or over. For more information please see out FAQs Age Restrictions.



Start Time 10.00am
Start Line Start from the Tongariro North Domain on the grass to the left of the  starter’s platform
Finish Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Registration Friday from 10am till 10pm and Saturday from 6am till 8am in the Registration marquee next to the Great Lake Centre.


Prize Giving

Management reserves the right to remove riders from the MTB course if it’s apparent they will not complete the event by 7pm or it is deemed the safety of themselves or others could be compromised.

Road access is available to:

  • Spa Park
  • Aratiatia
  • Kefi Cafe

We will have a water stop and hydration point at the Kefi Café, and you will also be able to slip in and get some food and a Short Black if you need one to keep you going. This will be approximately 25 km into the ride. We will have marshals on the tracks to help pick up the broken bits but in true MTB style you have to look after yourself.

Water/hydration stops are available at:

  • Wairakei Hotel – 22km 
  • Kefi Cafe – 25km 

Electric bikes are permitted as part of the event and will be timed separately from the non assisted bikes. We will not be supplying charging stations around the course. Please make sure you select BDO Huka Teaser eBike when you enter online.