Cadence Club

For those who can’t stop coming back for more.

The Cadence Club is an exclusive club for repeat Solo,Enduro and Huka Challenge participants. Awards are made for challenge finishes, which do not need to be consecutive.

Enduro and Cadence Breakfast

BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge look forward to hosting an Enduro and Cadence Breakfast at 9am Sunday 1 December at the Lake Taupo Yacht Club. Tickets for this must be bought through our online shop. A minimum number is required by 31 October so please book early.

The levels are:

Bronze 10 Finishes

Silver 15 Finishes

Gold 20 Finishes

Diamond 25 Finishes

Any combination of completed Round the Lake, Huka Challenge or Enduro (incl Maxi & Extreme) events will count. Each completed event counts as one towards your cadence.

Upon achieving Gold, Cadence riders are entitled to one FREE entry to the following year’s 21st event. Diamond Cadence members are entitled to free entry for life from their 26th event onwards.

Any rider who qualifies that we may have missed, please accept our apologies and contact so that we can rectify the matter.

These are current to January 2019

Bronze Cadence Members

Silver Cadence Members

Gold Cadence Members

Diamond Cadence Members