Ethan Hayes you are a Legend

Every year Heart Kids is overwhelmed by the commitment, dedication and generosity heart families show by signing up and taking part in the annual Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.  As the official sponsor of Heart Kids, the money raised in the event, goes towards helping the thousands of heart kids and their families around the country. 

At just 6 years old, Ethan Hayes, entered his first ever 5km Heart Ride.  He is not a heart kid himself, and he doesn’t have any family members who are heart kids, but his interest in the organisation was piqued.  “When we did the entry I asked Dad what Heart Kids was.  When I found out these kids were really sick and needed lots of operations I decided I would help them as much as I could.”

And that is exactly what Ethan has done. This year will be Ethan’s fourth year of riding in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, and he has raised plenty of money along the way.

“I was able to raise about $500 the first year which was really cool and I got to meet and play with lots of the heart kids. It made me realize that even though they were having problems with their hearts they are kids just like me.”

Ethan has since completed the 16km ride with his grandad, where he managed to raise $1000 for Heart Kids, and last year he finished the 40km ride, raising a further $1000.

Ethan says he loves riding with his Dad, but sadly this year his father can’t make it. Instead a friend has stepped up to ride alongside Ethan to keep him safe.  He’s riding the quarter lake ride again and wants to raise as much money for Heart Kids as he can.  “I really enjoy helping Heart Kids because I know the money I raise helps other kids and their families be able to do stuff that ordinary kids do all the time, without even thinking about it.”

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