If you can’t find what you need in our list of  frequently asked questions below, please contact us so that we can help fill in the blanks.

If you need to change any details of your registration this can be done up until and including 31 October. Up until this date you are able to log back into your registration using your email and password and amend start groups, emergency numbers etc., but not merchandise or Heart Kids donations. After 31 October see below for changing start groups and categories.

This can be done by logging back into your registration using your email address and password up until 31st October. After this date everything is sent to print, so we are unable to change it until event registration on Friday 23 November 2018. This is then a manual process to go to the Change My Start Group Desk inside the Great Lake Centre and they will make the change in the system for you and resticker your helmet sticker.

View Start Groups

Log back into my registration

Entry transfer to a different category can be made up until 15 November. After this date the change will incur a $15 charge. Please contact us via email

After 22nd November all changes need to be made at the event. Please collect your original bib and come into the Great Lake Center to the Change my Category table.

The total vertical climb for the Round the Lake course is 1650 metres.

Withdraw Policy
If you need to withdraw you are able to receive a 50% refund or can transfer to next year's event. All requests MUST be received before 15 November 2019.

After this time no refunds or transfers are able to be processed, please do not request as refusal may offend.

If you need to withdraw email amy@cyclechallenge.com



The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is always held on the last Saturday in November – Saturday 30th November 2019.

To find out how many events in the BDO Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge you have completed, go to our website page for results where you will find all the results from 1998 to 2018. Open the link and, in the search function, put your name in and find out if you participated or not. If your name doesn’t find a result then you did not attend that year or you were a DNF. Under the results tab you will also find our current list of cadence recipients and the criteria to achieve a cadence status.

Past Results

If you have any queries about delivery, quality, sizing etc. contact our official merchandise supplier Ultimo Clothing. Email contact is allen@ultimo.clothing

To enter the Holdens Mens Classic or Bayleys Womens Classic you must be a licensed rider, registered with Cycling NZ. You will need to have a license number for your registration form. For our Huka XL you do not need to be a licenced rider.


You are able to leave your aero bars on your bike. Riders are not permitted to use their aero bars when in a bunch but you are able to use them when you are riding on your own.

There are a number of water stops around the lake, plus one at the finish line and 3 on the mountain bike course.

Hydration is available at all Start points, and second half of the road course – Kuratau Look Out water stop, Waihi Hill water stop, Kiko Rd water stop, Hatepe Hill water stop, finish line and MTB water stops.

This start group is only available for those that think they will take longer than 8.5 hours to complete the Round the Lake.

Please be at the start line at 5.45am ready for your 6am start. The course you will follow is the same as the Enduro course, not the Round the Lake course. This means that you will continue along Poihipi Road all the way to Marotiri road. DO NOT turn off at Whangamata road. You are taking this course as a safety measure so that you are not swamped by the Elite pelotons as they come through. Any start group 9 riders arriving at the far end of Whangamata Road prior to 8.30am will be held until after the elite riders have passed.

If you are looking for any accommodation check out the options on our accommodation page.



It is a requirement of the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge that all participants U18 have received permission from their parent or caregiver to participate. The parent or caregiver must take full responsibility of their entry. This permission certifies that the entrant is capable of completing the entered event and is aware of all safety requirements (refer to Terms and Conditions).

Age restrictions apply to:

Bike Barn Round the Lake min 15 years

Half the Lake min 15 years

Quarter Lake min 10 years

Tandem min 15 years

Enduro min 18 years

BDO Huka Challenge min 15 years

BDO Huka Steamer min 15 years

BDO Huka Teaser min 10 years

Lakesider min 5 years

Heartkids max 10 years

Holden Men’s Classic min 15 years

Bayleys Women’s Classic min 15 years

BDO Huka XL min 15 years.

Absolutely no support vehicles are allowed on the course on Saturday. There is no need to have support vehicles as we provide transport to and from interchange points. Water stops, medical needs and bike mechanics are available on the course.

Your bib number was part of the confirmation email that was sent to you when you completed your entry. You can log back into your registration and you will be able to resend your confirmation.

Your bib and sticker sets/timing device can be collected at Event Registration on Friday 23 November from 10am t0 10pm and Saturday from 6am-8am.

Bibs are worn on your back, helmet stickers on the front of your helmet.

As part of your registration pack you are given a ‘drop bag’. On your sticker set is your bib number on a sticker that you place on your bag. Fill it with whatever you need to and drop it in the designated areas at the start lines of each event. We recommend you do not leave valuables in these bags.

Did not start

If you have collected your registration pack and then due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to start please let us know by ringing 021 054 1864. This is extremely important.

Did not finish

If you start your ride and due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to cross the finish line please notify us either by calling or texting to 021 054 1864 or visiting the Information Marquee in the Event Village to record that you were not able to finish.

Road closures:

Poihipi Road from SH1 to Whangamata Road and all of Whangamata Road from 6.55am to 10.30am. Only emergency and event vehicles will be on these roads at that time.This will affect not only residents on that road but all the feeder roads.  We regret the inconvenience caused and hope you can overcome the closure by scheduling earlier or later travel plans. The route to town via the East Taupo Arterial can still be made, similarly the route via Acacia Bay. Western Bays SH32 will be open but thousands of cyclists will be riding so progress will be slow. If you do have an emergency situation a 111 call will still respond.

Road closures in Taupo Township:

Click here it see the road closure map

Management reserves the right to remove riders from the course if it’s apparent they will not complete the event by 7pm or it is deemed the safety of themselves or others could be compromised.