Further Information

You may already have an EventPlus profile if you’ve entered other cycling events within the last 12 months or our 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017and 2018 events. If you have a profile already you can quickly login with your email and password (reset available if you have forgotten this!) Or zoom through and create your profile which just has to be done once, then you can enter this year’s event and others. You can log in and update your profile any time, and create sub-profiles for others sharing your email address (like your partner & children).

Select your Bike Barn Round the Lake or BDO Huka Challenge start group before you start your online entry.

Do not confuse ambition with ability.

Please note that all eBikes for the Bike Barn Round the Lake must start in Start Group 6

You’ll receive an email confirmation once you’ve entered and paid. (Check your junk mail if you haven't received it.) You can log in anytime and resend this to yourself if you lose it!

If you need help while you complete your entry just click on the ‘Help ?’ (bottom right of screen) and the EventPlus team can assist with any entry enquiries which you may have. If you have enquiries about the Event itself then drop us an email at amy@cyclechallenge.com.

If you need to change any details of your registration this can be done up until and including 3 November. Up until this date you are able to log back into your registration using your email and password and amend start groups, emergency numbers etc., but not Heart Kids donations. To change your category you must email us so we can make that change for you.

You can change your event category up until 3 November at no charge. Any changes after 3 November will incur an admin fee of $15.  An additonal cost will also apply if you are changing to an event category with a higher entry price. 

After 25th November all changes need to be made at the event. Please collect your original bib and come into the Great Lake Center to the Change my Category table.


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Late entries can be made at Event Registration, Great Lake Centre, Tongariro Street, Taupo: Friday 29 November 10am – 10pm only (NOT available on Saturday) An additional fee of $20 applies to all late entries except for Elite races. An additional $5 fee applies to the Kids Heart Ride and Lakesider. All late entry bibs will be handwritten.

There is an additional $10.00 administration fee for manual entries. Manual entries must be received by Friday 26th October. If you would like to do a manual entry you will need to ring us at the office and we can post you a manual entry form. You can then pay by cheque or internet banking facility to complete the transaction. 

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Bib numbers for all categories will be emailed to you once your online registration is complete.

Race Bib Number Colour
Bike Barn Round the Lake 1 - 6599 White
Tandem 6600 - 6599 White
Kids Heart Ride 6700 - 6699 Peach
BDO Huka Challenge 7000 - 7999 Pink
BDO Huka Steamer 8000 - 8499 Blue
BDO Huka Teaser  8500 - 8999 Green
Holden Men's Classic Race 9000 - 9199 Red
Bayleys Women's Classic Race 9200 - 9299 Red
BDO Huka XL Race 9300 - 9399 Red
Enduro 9600 - 9799 Blue
Maxi Enduro 9800 - 9899 Violet
Half the Lake 10000 - 11999 Red
Quarter Lake 12000 - 13999 Yellow
Lakesider 14000 - 14499 Aqua
Criterium CRT01-CRIT200  
Cadence Club Bibs  
Bronze Completed 10+ Events
Silver Completed 15+ Events
Gold Completed 20+ Events
Diamond  Completed 25+ Events

Round the Lake

Start Group Helmet Sticker Dots:  
1 Yellow
2 Black
3 Green
4 Purple
W1 Pink
5 Orange
6 Maroon
7 Blue
W2 Red
8 White
9 White
Over Caps  
Enduro Yellow
Maxi Enduro Pink

Your Event Bag can be used as a drop bag in which you can leave gear at all starts. Attach your numbered Drop Bag sticker to your event bag and place the bag in designated collection areas at your start. These are delivered to the Drop Bag return point in The Event Village for you to collect when you finish your ride. See Event Village map for it’s location.

(NB There is no drop bag service for Kids Heart and Lakesider events)