BDO Huka Challenge


Approx 85k


14th Nov

Entry Fee From

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If you are looking for a real mountain bike challenge, this event category is for you. You will experience approx. 85km of some of the best flowing mountain bike tracks in the region. Be prepared for a tough day out with very few chances to take your eye off the trails for a drink or bite to eat. This event consists of pure old school single track riding that keeps you on your toes every kilometre. The good news is that you’ll be riding on predominantly pumice based trails, which means there will be minimal mud no matter what the weather conditions.

The Huka Challenge gives you the chance to experience some of the region’s iconic landmarks. The course takes you past the AJ Hackett Bungy, the Huka Falls, Aratiatia Dam, and alongside the hot, steamy silica thermal stream at Wairakei. It then takes you in to almost every one of the trails in Craters MTB Park.

Because Craters MTB Park is part of a working forest, the trails in our event change every year. However, here is a list of some of the trails in the park this event usually uses: Tank Stand, Mr and Mrs, Mistress, Grinder and Kinder Grinder, Beagle Boys, Outback, Debs, Buzzard, and Waipouwerawera. These are just a few of the tracks that the Huka Challenge will take you on.

The final leg of the BDO Huka Challenge will provide you with outstanding views of Lake Taupo and the mountains beyond before you descend to the finish via ‘Acid Drop’, across the mighty Waikato River and the iconic MTB bridge, which is erected especially for the event.

The last push for home will see you riding past the Taupo Marina, (which is also where the Waikato River begins its journey from Lake Taupo), before crossing the finish line back in the heart of Taupo town where you can celebrate with the thousands of other MTB’ers and roadies back in the Event Village.

The first three men and women accross the line will win prize money. Get yourself in Start Group 1 to be in to win!

1st - $500

2nd - $300

3rd $100


Start Time 7.00am
Start Line Start from the Tongariro North Domain on the grass to the left of the  starter’s platform
 in your start group chutes
Finish Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Registration Friday from 10am till 10pm and Saturday from 6am till 8am in the Registration marquee next to the Great Lake Centre.


Prize Giving

Wave Expected Time
Start group 1 Under 4:30 hrs
Start group 2 4:30-5.00 hrs
Start group 3 5:00-5:30 hrs
Start group 4 5:30-6:00 hrs
Start group 5 6hrs +

Conquering the Huka Challenge under the Five and a Half Hour mark.

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Road access is available to:

  • Spa Park
  • Aratiatia
  • Kefi Cafe
  • Craters MTB Park

We will have a water stop and hydration point at the Kefi Café, and you will also be able to slip in and get some food and a Short Black if you need one to keep you going. This will be approximately 25 km into the ride. We will have marshals on the tracks to help pick up the broken bits but in true MTB style you have to look after yourself.

Water stops are available at:

  • Wairakei Hotel – 22km 
  • Kefi Cafe – 25km and 76km on way home
  • Connection – 38km, 53km and 59km 

Unfortunately due to Health and Safety reasons Electrically Assisted bikes are not allowed to enter the Huka Challenge and Huka Steamer Events.

Management reserves the right to remove riders from the MTB course if it’s apparent they will not complete the event by 7pm or it is deemed the safety of themselves or others could be compromised.

We have made the decision that the minimum age for a child with an accompanying adult (1:1) is 12 years old. This decision has been made not only for the safety of your child but also our other participants and in keeping with the NZ Road Code. To ride the event alone the child must be 15 or over.