29th Nov

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Introducing for 2019 the new Club Criterium Race.

Our new Criterium Race is open to all club riders who are able to compete at Dynamo racing in Cat 2 or 3 or at A or B grade level club racing. Riders must also hold a current Cycling NZ license. This race is free to enter and open to the first 30 riders!



Start Time Club Criterium Race 5:30pm
  Armed Forces 6:00pm
  Elite Women 6:30pm
  Elite Men 7:00pm
Start Line Outside the Great Lake Centre, Tongariro Street.
Finish Line Outside the Great Lake Centre, Tongariro Street.


1st  $500

2nd  $250

3rd  $125

3 x Primes @ $50 each


1st  $500

2nd  $250

3rd  $125

2 x Primes @ $50 each

Prize money will be paid by internet banking

  • Collect your race numbers from Event Registration in the marquee at the Event Village 10am to 5pm Friday. These will be racked in the same lane as the Holden Men's and Women's Classic race numbers.

  • Late registrations can also be made at the Great Lake Centre before 5pm Friday.

  • Racing will be conducted under the appropriate Cycling New Zealand and UCI Regulations.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times.

  • No rider is permitted on the course until it has been officially OPENED. We will endeavour to allow enough time for practice laps.

  • Race Numbers must be worn.

  • No other cyclists other than those actually racing to be on race circuit while racing is in progress.

  • Minimum rider age is 16.

  • New Zealand Defence Forces 6:00pm 25mins + 1 lap

  • ELITE Women 6.30pm 25mins + 2 laps

  • ELITE Men 7:00pm 40mins + 3 laps

Race duration may be reduced according to weather conditions &/or field sizes

  • Intermediate Sprints will be announced by a WHISTLE on the lap prior.

  • Final Sprints will be announced by a BELL on the lap prior.

  • Any protest is to be made to the Race Director and must be done in a courteous and professional manner.

  • The decision of the Race Director is final, there are no appeals.

  • In the case of a recognised mishap (eg. puncture or crash) the rider shall be entitled to a neutralisation of one lap.

  • After the neutralisation, the rider shall resume the race but shall not be eligible for the following intermediate sprint.

  • In the case of mishap prior to the final sprint, the rider must have rejoined the main bunch before two laps to the finish to be eligible for classification