Women's Classic




25th Nov

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The Women’s Classic is open to licensed elite women riders. Compete for significant prize money at each year’s Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.


Start Time 7.00am Saturday 25 November 2017
Start Line Outside the Taupo District Council, Lake Terrace
Finish Line Tongariro Street, next to Taupo’s Great Lake Centre
Age Combined Under 17* & Women’s Open Race


  • Women only.
  • Entrants must have a current National Racing Licence (Race or Race Elite Cycling New Zealand Membership) – overseas entrants must obtain an International Licence from their country’s cycling association.

Please NOTE:

Any rider failing this automatic qualifying criteria is invited to submit any relevant performance details to doug@cyclechallenge.com. Acceptance will be determined by the event organisers and Cycling New Zealand, and their decision shall be final.

Course Profile

Women's Race
1st Place $2000
2nd Place $1000
3rd Place $800
4th Place $600
5th Place $400
6th Place $200
1st $100
2nd $70
3rd $30
Hill Climb
1st $100
2nd $70
3rd $30

Race managed & marshalled by Cycling New Zealand officials.

Outside support permitted at the Turangi turnaround and the top of Hatepe Hill on return only.

An official neutral support wheel wagon is provided.

Podium presentation immediately after completion of race, Tongariro Street.

Under 17 riders to abide by the Cycling New Zealand ruling below as taken from the rule book:

  • 21.1 A Junior Under 17 rider is one under the age of 17 years on 31 December and may compete in Junior Under 17 Events only.
  • 21.2 A maximum gearing of 7.0 metres rollout applies to all juniors under 17 racing.
  • 21.3 Wheels must have a minimum of 16 spokes and rims must not be made from composite materials.
  • 21.4 Handlebars must be of a standard or classic style.